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RazoRSharp designs & hosts premium web & marketing software & tools that position our clients as LEADERS in their local market(s).  We specialize in lead generation, customer acquisition, & customer engagement.  

(CRM, Email, SMS/Text Messaging, Push, E-commerce, WordPress, Intelligent Voice/Text, Call Center Operations)

What We Do

We help local professionals and small business owners with tools, software, and coaching to scale their sales and marketing programs.  Whether you’re already well established in your local marketing (and need some help taking it to the next level)… or you’re just beginning to dream about the lifestyle, freedom, and money, a successful business can create… we’re here to help.

Local Marketing Hacks

Local Marketing Training Course For PDR & Auto Hail Repair Companies

Are you ready to take your PDR / Auto Hail Repair business to the next level?  Access our on-demand sales and marketing coaching to command attention in your local market.  Provide a superior customer experience, as you experience unparalleled company growth with the latest strategies and tactics.  We’ve got you covered.

We guide you through the process of creating an excellent and powerful online presence using the combined power of WordPress, InfusionSoft, Twilio,  Click Funnels, Zapier, FixYourFunnel, and more.  

The Team

Jesse Razo

Biz Dezigner

Erin Razo

Biz Dezigner

Alyx McChesney-Gardner

Strategic Brand Manager

Ian Maganda

Web Security and Performance Manager

Anna Adan

Software and Web Developer

Erik Holland

Photographer/ Videographer

Ciryl Alvarez

Customer Support Manager

Mark Saclot

Automation Engineer

Jemimah Fabugais

Multimedia Manager


American Express Travel Giveaway

Where will your travel rewards take you?

Travel giveaway lead generation program capitalizing on what people seek…a rich life full of travel experiences & unique memories.

NLFC – Special 14 Day Trial Membership

14 Days For Just $14, No More Excuses!

Drive awareness and memberships to Newtons Law of Fitness Club.  Establishing the NLFC brand as a top brand in their local market.

Directory & Business Page Power Listings

PDR / Auto Hail Repair Directory & Business Page Management

Save time while attracting more customer repairs in your local market with a guaranteed presence on mobile, map, and voice search with RazoRSharp Networks PowerListing business service.  

  • Guaranteed Presence
  • Vast Search Network
  • Enhanced Business Listings
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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We specialize in local marketing services including, lead generation, customer acquisition, customer review automation, referral marketing, reputation management, & system automation.

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