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Business Technology Assessment

RazoRSharp-Assessment-ServicesWe are willing to bet your business has a list of challenges that you are looking to overcome.  Our team has helped companies just like yours understand the cost and business impact of implementing new technologies while overcoming challenges that face their business.

A Simplified Approach

Envisioning (OPTIONAL) – A project planning, design and implementation processes intended to help companies understand the full scope of their projects prior to implementation. Companies who are project savvy and task oriented may opt for a documented project plan outlining organizational resources, schedules, content, processes & communication prior to adoption.

Licensing & Provisioning (L&P – PHASE 1) – User licensing and provisioning removes the complexity of your technology purchase. Helping you understand the licensing requirements to leverage Infrastructure & Software as a Service to meet the challenges facing your business

Enterprise Content Management (ECM – PHASE 2) – You may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information—emails, documents, web pages, databases, digital media and more—that increases every day. We insure that all of your content is safely and securely managed and migrated.

Application Development (APP DEV – PHASE 3) – We help you customize your environment to meet your business need, to help your organization resolving challenges quickly and automating process to improve performance and productivity.

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