City, Service, and Cornerstone Content Pages Help PDR/Auto Hail Companies Dominate Their Market(s)

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City, Service, and Cornerstone Content Pages Help PDR/Auto Hail Companies Dominate Their Market

Our weekly Local Marketing Strategy call is, by far, my favorite part of the creative process.  Most of the time, it takes on a life of its own.  Although I have my talking points, the call is an unscripted, and dynamic creative process.

I was on a call with a client today discussing geo-targeted paid ad (PPC) strategy, and we ended up digging into service, city, and cornerstone content pages.

Your website is a vital part of the overall strategy, and It’s essential to look at it as a tool to grow your business (otherwise, what is the point in having one.)  One of the differences I see between dominate Paintless Dent and Automotive Hail Repair companies is how they leverage service, city, and cornerstone content pages to drive traffic and attract repair customers twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Building out these pages on your website can go a long way to creating an online asset that pays you well into the future.  Here is a list of pages (with a brief explanation) that I use and have seen pay dividends for our customers and other Paintless Dent or Automotive Hail companies:

  1. Service Pages – Service pages spotlight your core and supplemental offers (e.g., PDR, Auto Hail, Headlight Restoration, Detailing, etc…) so you can attract people looking for your products and services in their local area.  We utilize search terms, internal links, and location information to optimize the pages for an “organic” search.
  2. City Pages – City pages like service pages are used for local “organic” search.  Where city pages differ is that we use these pages as paid ad landing pages.  The city page would contain local keywords like “Paintless Dent Repair Your City” or “Your City Auto Hail Repair.”  The big difference between city pages and service pages is that city pages are optimized to convert paid traffic.  We put the primary call to action on the top of the page with a compelling title and lead collect form.  Our primary objective is to convert paid traffic while optimizing the page for organic reach.
  3. Cornerstone Pages – Most Paintless Dent & Automotive Hail repair companies only have half the strategy.  They create great content but fail to do the one thing that will consistently drive traffic, leads & appointments for their company FOREVER.  The generate the content and publish it to social media.  The truth is that posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn only live for about 24-48 hours.  However, if you publish that same content on your website and syndicate it into social media, it will live on into perpetuity.

BONUS!  When you deploy these pages, make sure your messaging, content structure and calls-to-action are clear and help you overcome any cognitive biases that site visitors might have with doing business with you.  Here is a list of additional content that you can use to improve conversions and overcome cognitive buying biases.

  1. Certification
  2. Accreditations
  3. Employee Bios (headshot/video or copy (written)

This content will help you tell the story of your business as you create additional pages on your site.  A well-organized story with interesting characters can transform the way people see and do business with your company.

If you’re looking for software & tools to market your business in your local market I would recommend the PremiumPower Listing & Customer Review Automation software.  If you’re looking for support expanding into neighboring markets, schedule an appointment to discuss your strategy with a local marketing specialist.

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