Does Content Help Drive SEO?

I recently wrote an article that covered this topic, titled “Understanding Content Creation and SEO“, where I discussed the importance of structure when creating content to promote your business SEO. The short and skinny was that it  is as important how you write (structure) as what you are writing when you are driving SEO. (OK, maybe not as important as compelling viral content, but pretty important!)

Several years ago, Google started ranking pages based on a cumulative score, which was a sum total of your site ranking combined with your linked site ranking and which links were pointed at your website.  Nobody knows for sure what the Google algorithm looks like, since the algorithm is better guarded than all the gold that is allegedly held in Fort Knox!  For more information on how to increase your page ranking, visit the Google Webmaster Tool Box.

Real World, Made Up Example!

Let’s say you wanted to rank very high for selling “Wonder Widgets”.  The more websites that link to your site with “Wonder Widgets” as the anchor text, the higher your website would rank with organic words search for “Wonder Widgets”.  For a more detailed explanation on anchor text, please refer to our posts on Understanding Content Creation.

Let me give you a small example of how this would work in the real world. If there are 100 web pages on the Internet, 10 pages that are selling/promoting “Wonder Widgets”, and you have 9 of the 10 pages which include TARGET LANDING PAGES, helpful information, and professional expertise on “Wonder Widgets”, that makes up 9% of those 100 pages. The other 1% is hosted by a competitor of yours. All things being equal, if someone searched for a “Wonder Widget” in this scenario, who do you think they will find?  Who would rank higher on the Search Engines for keyword, “Wonder Widgets”? That’s right, the golden rule applies, content is king…when you factor in nothing else, the more relevant “Wonder Widget” company would be yours. But remember, not all content is created equal…

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