As marketing enthusiasts, we are committed to keeping our readers up to date on the latest trends and tips to help their businesses not only create, but communicate a powerful message to the world. Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a business owner friend of mine, another technology integrator who offers the Office 365 Suite and some other similar products and services.  We were discussing  business and marketing, as I like to discuss my favorite topics with piers in my industry.

What amazed me is how dated his thinking was, how he was so committed to marketing his business in a very traditional way.  He was using print advertising, cold calling, and some very expensive traditional outlets to spread the word about his business.  What also floored me is that he believed that social media sites like facebook were not good places to promote business.  As he put it, “social media sites are just for play.”

Personally, I would disagree.  Since facebook has the largest readership in the world, it must be looked at by business owners and marketers alike.  Having a sound social media strategy for your business today is as important as having a strong telemarketing strategy back in the 1950’s when the new and excting was having phones in your home.
If you take a look at the evolution of marketing you can clearly see that as the market changes, so must our marketing strategies.  How we engage customers and market our products and services must change with the time and be an evolution.  Marketing, like life, is not a destination, it is a journey and an evolution of engagement.
To make a point, I sent the below information to my friend to try to get him to think about marketing in another light.  Only time will tell if this information helps him rethink his strategy.
  • 1450 Gutenberg’s metal movable type, leading to mass-production of flyers and brochures
  • 1836 first paid advertising in a newspaper (in France)
  • 1864 earliest recorded use of the telegraph for mass unsolicited spam
  • 1880 earliest examples of trademarks and branding
  • 1922 radio advertising commences
  • 1941 first recorded use of television advertising
  • 1980 development of database marketing as precursor to CRM
  • 1980’s emergence of computer-oriented spam
  • 1984 introduction of guerrilla marketing
  • 1995-2001 the Dot-com bubble temporarily re-defines the future of marketing
  • 1996 identification of viral marketing
  • 2000’s integrated marketing gains acceptance and, in 2002, it’s first dedicated academic research entry
And most recently, the emergence of social media marketing, concepts that usually center on efforts to create content that attract attention and encourage readers to share it with their social networks.
That is an important concept.  This is where most companies get it wrong in the beginning (including ours), as you can see, nowhere in the bold statement above do we state that social media marketing concepts should be centered on your products and services.  It does not because it should not.  Social media, blogs, and viral marketing is about creating content that is sharable that attracts people to your site, not promoting your products and services.  Understanding this is the first step to social media success.
As you can see, as communication technologies have changed, so has marketing.  It seems that marketing tracks the most popular form of communication.  When phones, radio, or TV’s were the most popular forms of communication, the marketing efforts surrounded those communication technologies.  So, the real question is, how are people consuming information and communicating? Answer that and you will have the key to marketing your business.
This does give you some really great things to think about, remember their is not right or wrong answer, just results for your business. While you think about it, you can review this great guide published by facebook about optimizing your Facebook ads.  If you enjoyed this article,, please leave your comments below and share with your network.  Join the conversation @ Twitter Friend us on Facebook – JRz