Sexy and Fun Facebook Optimization!  Here is Fridays Facebook Post and Engagement Tips to help you ENGAGE and GROW your Facebook community! Ever wonder why other everyone else’s Facebook community continues to grow but yours never does?  Here are some professional tips and tricks to help you grow your Facebook community and have more intentional Posts and Engagements.  It doesn’t hurt that we made it easy on the eyes as well!  Remember to ask questions and leave your comments below!  RazoRSharp Networks Facebook Post Tips - Its Friday Friday’s Post Tip: Send a shout out to an industry expert or someone who you respect, follow and admire.  Today we want you to spotlight two companies, brands or personal Facebook pages and give them a “Shout-Out” on your company page.  Use @username or tag them in a photo to publish your post to their timeline.  This will increase your page visibility in their community and it just may get you an introduction your childhood crush or hero!    RazoRShrp Facebook Engagment Tips - Its Friday Friday’s Engagement Tip:  Today you get to engage two Facebook pages on their company page. Don’t do this to a direct competitors, target companies that would complement your product and services and or support your customer.  Share some helpful information, ask questions, or make comments on one of their posts.  This is one of the biggest secrets in Facebook Marketing, ENGAGE other people on their pages and watch your visibility and community grow! For more tips delivered to your inbox, ENTER your email below.
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