(VIDEO) Introduction To Local Marketing Hacks Module 3 – Local Marketing Funnel Hacks

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Introduction To Local Marketing Hacks Module 3 – Local Marketing Funnel Hacks​.

My local marketing journey started over ten years ago when I moved to Napa, CA, to help the local internet service provide (ISP) bring their new voice over IP (VoIP) services to market.  I spent a year developing their sales and marketing channels to realize that I was tired of making other people money with my strategies and hard work.  In that realization was the birth of RazoRSharp Networks, a high-tech HIGH-TOUCH local marketing company committed to helping small business owners and nonprofits revolutionize the way they raised money and grew their businesses.

Fast forward to eight years, and I realized that the software, tools, and coaching was beginning to have a significant impact on our clients.  Sure there were a lot of setbacks over those years, but we finally figure out how to ENGINEER success into our clients’ businesses and even had customers experience up to FIVE times growth in as little as 12 months. Don’t take my word for it; look at our video reviews and listen to our customers as they share their experience.

I understand that you may be skeptical.  We live in a cynical world where everyone is selling something, and information is being sold by the millions every day.  Even if you get half as much value out of the software, tools, and coaching discussed in this training, you can dramatically impact your business and also double or triple your sales in the next 12 months.  Trust me when I say that we’re not selling INFORMATION, we’re selling TRANSFORMATION for you and your business.

Don’t wait; we can’t take everyone. Due to our high touch – high tech model, open enrollment ends soon.  My staff has been instructed to support 100 PDR or Auto Hail Repair Company owners at no cost, and you’ll be getting Access to all the strategies I use to help my clients grow their business by FIVE times.

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