How Would You Like To GROW Your PDR or Auto Hail Repair Business By Up To FIVE (5) Times In 12 Months Or Less? 

Sound Too Good To Be True…Just Listen To This Short Video To See How We’re Helping Companies Just Like Yours DOMINATE Their Market While Working Less & Doing Fewer Repair Each And Ever Month…

What If I Told You The Business You Want To Build & The Life You Want To Live Will Be Directly Proportionate To The Number Of Contacts On Your Marketing List.  If That Were True…The Next Questions I Would Ask Is, How Many Contacts Do You Have On Your Marketing List? 

Yes! I Want The “Local Marketing Toolkit” With One-On-One Coaching To Help Grow My Paintless Dent or Auto Hail Repair Business 

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The Challenge That Most PDR Companies Face With Scaling Their Business…

Consistently Attracting & Retaining High Paying Customers

Do you find it hard to consistently attract high paying customers or struggle durring seasonal slowdowns?

We partner with select Paintless Dent and Automotive Hail Repair companies, providing them with tools, software & coaching to help them:

  • ​Develop their brand and messaging
  • Create (USP’s) unique selling positions
  • Build longevity & sustainability
  • Grow their customer & marketing list
  • Create customer loyalty & appreciation programs
  • ​Improve & manage their online reputation

… and much, MUCH more!

I understand that you’ve probably invested heavily in tools, training, websites, & software in the past that didn’t work.  Or been sold a bag of goods at your annual convention just to be left to figure out how to piece it all together on your own. It’s not your fault, local marketing is challenging…it requires precision & expertise.

You Wouldn’t Ask Me To Pull Dents!

How can you expect to master – list building, coding, SEO, PPC, geo-targeting, business pages, business citations, map search, mobile search, voice search & all the skills needed to market & scale your Paintless Dent or Auto Hail Repair business?

You Need A Team…

Even if your business is strong today…it’s not enough. The Paintless Dent or Automotive Hail industry is transforming at an alarming rate. More & more people are being trained as technicians and seeing the unbelievable opportunity in the Paintless Dent or Automotive Hail industry which is leading to increased competition in your local market. Trying to keep up is simply not enough…in order to survive & thrive, you’ll have to DOMINATE your local market & find the right team to help you GROW.

Leverage Is The Key…

Increased competition from corporate Paintless Dent or Auto Hail companies and new less-skilled technicians are driving repair costs down & the inability to differentiate yourself from the competition is creating more challenges than ever before. If you’re struggling to scale your business, I guarantee you’re weak in one of 3 areas.

  1. You aren’t leveraging a team
  2. You don’t have the expertise
  3. Your marketing plan is flawed

You can scale a Paintless Dent or Auto Hail business in any market…but unless you have the right technology, the right team & the right plan your livelihood & your business is vulnerable.

Experience Is The Difference…

For the last 8 years, I’ve been working with local business owners in the Paintless Dent and Auto Hail industry who believed they built a strong business, only to figure out what they had created was a service company that at best kept them self-employed.  The truth I found was that the vast majority were so busy working in the business they didn’t have time to work on the business, take vacations, or spend time with their families which is the reason they got in the business in the first place. 

I’ve spent the last 4 years perfecting our tools, software & coaching to help owners scale their businesses. Almost immediately after subscribing our customers realize the power of having an experienced team on their side with the tools, software & coaching to finally make growing their business a reality!

You Get It All For Just $997 mo.

Do you want to know how we broke through the wall?

I’ll give you a little hint…it’s not a magic marketing silver bullet, software, website or service that pulled it off.

It was a few small tweaks and a lot of knowledge learned over two long years.  I put it all together in a complete solution called the “Local Marketing Toolkit” so you can fast-track your success. It’s packed full of tools, software, & coaching to DOMINATE your market & GROW your customer base by 5x’s in 12 months or less.

For years I watched my customers leverage our team of experts & implement our strategies to grow & now after 8 years of perfecting our solution we’re offering it to a select number of Paintless Dent and Auto Hail companies in their respective local market.

After Years Of Testing, I’m Revealing My Secrets

I’m Revealing The Proven Strategies & Software That I Personally Used To 5x My Customers Paintless Dent Repair Company In 12 Months!

About 10 years ago I was just getting started as a small business infrastructure provider (i.e websites & email). About that time I met the owner of a local (PDR) Paintless Dent Repair company that needed help to grow his business.

After a short while he became a customer and we became friends.  I soon realized that he had built a strong service company and was clearly self-employed, but had not built a business.  In fact, I started realizing that he had no marketing list, customer list, customer appreciation or retention programs.  In fact there were no proactive strategies or tools in place to create sustainability or longevity within his business. 

In the beginning, it was challenging,  I was able to attract more leads but I couldn’t figure out how to consistently attract high paying customers & rapidly scale his business. In fact, although we solved the lead gen problem, in turn we had created more issues to resolve regarding with his customer acquisition, customer appreciation, referral and other programs that it takes to successfully scale a business.

So, I went to work creating strategies, curating software & developing coaching to help him grow his business, not just attract more leads.  That’s when I made it my mission to put together the best tools, software & coaching to help the Paintless Dent and Automotive Hail Repair industry scale their businesses.  Not just lead gen programs, but programs that would build stronger, longer-lasting businesses than ever before. 

It took almost two years of testing different strategies, software, and tools to finally figured it out! There was no magic marketing silver bullet, no one piece of software that could do it all. What we needed to do was increase the throughput of his business sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and retention programs.

Jesse Razo

I’m a small business owner just like you, so I understand the challenges that come with that responsibility.  

I’ve been in business for over 10 years and a Local Marketing Specialist for the past 8 years. I’ve had the pleasure of serving small business owners during that time, but it wasn’t until I uncovered the truth about driving growth did my business take off.

I’m passionate about helping small business owners implement strategies to scale their businesses with proven tactics, tools, & coaching.

As a father of 3, I understand the value of time & the importance of providing a good living for my family so I leverage technology and teams to help drive growth.

Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Predictably & Consistently Attract High Paying Customers? 

Think about how powerful putting the right team in place can be in any business. Now you can, you can leverage our marketing technology & team to scale your Paintless Dent or Auto Hail business & swallow up all the high paying customers in your local market.

Imagine how great it would be to grow your business by up to five times over the next 12 months? What will it look like to have the ability to scale & possibly open up a new retail location, or expand into new markets? What would it feel like to pick & choose your repair jobs & stop fighting over scraps or lowering your price due to a lack of work or increased competition? Having the freedom to spend more time with your family, have more money to do the things you enjoy or travel more because you’re not tied to your business or forced to work long hours to make ends meet.


How amazing will it be to do all this without wasting one more minute or one more dime on the wrong tools, software, or training…

Introducing The…

Local Marketing Toolkit

Tools, Software, & Coaching For Every Paintless Dent or Automotive Hail Repair Owner Who Want’s To Scale Their Business, But Can’t Figure Out How To Predictably & Consistently Attract High Paying Customers…For just $997 mo.

Yes! I Want The “Local Marketing Toolkit” With One-On-One Coaching To Help Grow My Paintless Dent or Auto Hail Repair Business

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What’s Included In The Local Marketing Toolkit…

($2,000 Value)

Website Audit & Optimization #1

Performance Audit & Updates (Technical SEO) – My team will review your page structure, site security & speed to improve how you show up on a search.

(WordPress) SEO & Performance Premium Plugins – I spent years curating the right software to optimize your WordPress environment, It’s included in the “Local Marketing Toolkit”.

Funnel Pages (Lead, Review, & Customer Appreciation) – My team & I setup funnels to work 24x7x365 to help grow your business. You can see why they are an important part of the “Local Marketing Toolkit.

Analytics & Tracking (Google & Facebook Re-marketing) – I’ll walk you through your marketing analytics so you’ll have a firm grasp on the numbers you’ll need to scale your business.

($147 mo. + $500 setup)

Review & Referral Marketing #2

(Strategic Partner) eEndorsement Subscription – I’ve included software to streamline & automate the customer review, endorsements & referral process.

​Social Media, Directory & Business Page Integration – We utilize customer reviews on your website, directory pages, business pages & social media pages to tell your customers a story.

​Email/SMS Integration (Automation) – I’ll show you how to use email & SMS (text) messaging to increase customer reviews & referrals by up to 10x’s!

($147 mo. + $500 setup)

Directory Page Management #3

(Strategic Partner) Yext Subscription – I’ve included software that integrates with hundreds of leading brands to keep your business information and data up to date – everywhere it counts.

Brand, Employee, & Product / Service Page Setup – My team creates beautiful, accurate, complete & compelling listings & local pages optimized for search.

(If Applicable) Employee Page Setup – We’ll help you track employee reviews & performance all while maintaining your companies online reputation.

Directory Page Analytics – We’ll show you a unified view of company information & customer engagements.

($500 mo. + $500 setup)

Media Plan Production #4

Media Planning & Management – It’s important to have someone in the driver’s seat. We’ll map out a production schedule, outline compelling topics to drive business through your media.

Video Post Production, Publishing & Syndication – My team & I will handle all the post-production, optimization & syndication of approved content on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram pages.

​Copy Content Optimization & Syndication – If you love to write, work closely with my team & I as we optimize & syndicate articles, posts, KB articles, FAQ’s & more…

​PDR Content – We focus on Customer Review, Before & After, Customer Educational & Indoctrination video and articles to help drive more visibility for your brand, your business, your products & your industry.

($1,000 mo. + $2,000 setup)

Geo-Targeted PPC Ad Campaign #5

100% Transparent – My team & I setup & manage shared geo-targeted Google & Facebook ad accounts funded by you to prevent overpaying for traffic.

​Experience Matters – Part art, part science, my team of SEM & Facebook marketing experts have over 20 yrs. combined experience marketing PDR companies.

Setup & Monthly Review – My team will set up your ad copy, targeting, keywords, & content to attract, track, & scale your Paid Ad Campaign.

​Conversion Tracking & Analysis – My team will connect tools like google analytics, search counsel & conversion tracking tools to understand your traffic & report our results.

I’m Also Going To Include Some Exclusive Bonus Training You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Bonus #1

“One-On-One Sales & Marketing Coaching Call”

Probably the most powerful part of the Local Marketing Toolkit is our one-on-one weekly coaching calls, where we focus on the growth of your business.  These calls are packed full of actionable advice that clearly defines your goals and walks you through the process of building a business and marketing plan that drives growth, sustainability, and longevity into your business.    

Your local marketing specialists will develop your sales & marketing plan while defining small attainable goals each week to help drive your business forward.  We truly care about the success of our customers and you’ll feel the one-on-one attention as we collaborate and co-create the business of your dreams.  

($1,000 Value)

Bonus #2

“How to 5x Your Business In 12 Months Or Less With Customer Review & Referral Marketing”

For a limited time gain access to exclusive training on how to grow a PDR business with customer reviews & referral marketing.

The training walks you through the review, endorsement & referral process providing a clear path to generate more customer referrals for your business.

You can only get access to this training during this special offer or through the Local Marketing Growth Master Mind Membership…so order now!!

($197 Value)

Bonus #3

“Offer Creation – How To Go From The Low Price Leader To A Premium Provider!”

For a limited time gain access to exclusive training on offer creation. Learn the proven step-by-step process of creating irresistible offers to increase the value & price of your repairs, one-time-offers, & subscription.

In this training, I’ll help you expand your offerings to transition your business from a low price leader to a premium provider.

You can only get access to this training during this special offer or through the Local Marketing Growth Master Mind…so order now!! 

($197 Value)

Order now to access the tools, software & coaching you need to grow your Paintless Dent or Automotive Hail Business by up to five times in 12 months or less, plus get training reserved exclusively for our Local Marketing Growth Mastermind Group.

This Offer Will Only Be Available To Select PDR Companies In Each Market…

It Truly Is Limited By Market!

Yes! I Want The “Local Marketing Toolkit” With One-On-One Coaching To Help Grow My Paintless Dent or Auto Hail Repair Business

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Plus, sign up today & you’ll get the Local Marketing Toolkit, Bonus Weekly Coaching Calls, Bonus Training #1 & #2 & My Insane No-Risk TRIPLE GUARANTEE!

Here’s How My 100% No Questions Asked Triple Guarantee Works!

Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied with your subscription, you can cancel it for a full refund up to 60 days from your original order date….GUARANTEED!

Price Guarantee – Your service charge for the Local Marketing Toolkit is guaranteed for the life of your service agreement, we will not increase your recurring charge as long as you continuously remain a customer in good standing. Which means we’ll continue to add tools to your toolkit, but your price will stay the same…you’ll never pay more…GUARANTEED!

Market Guarantee – We guarantee for as long as you are a customer we will not enroll competitors within 10 miles of your primary service address for as long as your account continuously remains in good standing. Subscribe now & we’ll secure your local market…GUARANTEED!

“I’ve Removed Virtually All The Risk…Just Ask Yourself Is It Worth The Small Investment To Give It A Try?”

This Can Help Any PDR Company 5x Their Retail Business Faster Than Anything Else You Can Dream Of Or DO!

Now, I’m going to add some perspective…

If you want to grow your Paintless Dent or Auto Hail business by up to five times in the next 12 months, build a stronger business than ever before, DOMINATE your local market by leveraging my team and expertise…here’s your chance.

I’m going to let you try it risk-free for 60 days…so give it a shot!

Just pony up a little investment (compared to all the value you get) for the next two months and see if it’s going to work for your business. Do it before your competition does! Don’t miss out!! We’re going to be in your market, the question is…how long will you be?

I want you to understand if you went to RazoRSharp Networks right now, and you purchased all the tools & software included in the Local Marketing Toolkit for just $997 mo…it would cost you $1,987 mo. (a la carte) individually.

This isn’t something I made up, if you go to right now, you can subscribe to our website optimization, review & referral marketing software & training, Powerlisting software & training, SEM/PPC service(s) and training it would cost you $1,987 mo. (a la carte) for the software and services alone.

If you wanted to attempt the do-it-yourself model, hire specialized staff, purchase software, build the strategic partnerships & tools included in the Local Marketing Toolkit it would cost you in excess of $6,498 mo.

And maybe you’re thinking, “Great! All that was awesome, Jesse! I know I need the “Local Marketing Toolkit” but I’m going to grab something to eat & think about it.” Well, don’t!! I can’t guarantee that your competition is not reading this right now & considering moving forward with me…so skip the sandwich & take action.

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The Local Marketing Toolkit!

  • Hosting, Web Application Firewall & CDN ($1,200 Value)
  • Website Audit & Optimization #1 ($2,000 Value)
  • Customer Review/Referral Marketing #2 ($147 mo $500 setup – Value)
  • Business & Directory Page Management #3 ($147 mo $500 setup – Value)
  • ​Media Plan & Production Management #4 ($500 mo $500 setup – Value)
  • Google/Facebook PPC Ad Campaign #5 ($1,000 mo $2,000 setup – Value)
  • Bonus #1 One-on-One Weekly Coaching Call ($1,000 Value)
  • Bonus #2 “How to 5x Your Business In 12 Months Or Less With Customer Review & Referral Marketing” ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #3 “Offer Creation – How To Go From The Low Price Leader To A Premium Provider!” ($197 Value)

Total Value: $1,794 mo. + $8,094 Setup

But today, you’re getting all this…

For Only $997 mo.

with a $1,997 Sign-Up FEE

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