Local Marketing Traffic Hacks Paid Vs. Organic Traffic

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Local Marketing Hacks, Local SEO, Online Marketing, Paid Ads


Paid Vs. Organic Traffic
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Local Marketing Traffic Hacks Paid Vs. Organic Traffic

If you own a local business and want to drive traffic and attention to your product or service offers online, then you’ve probably done research on paid vs. organic traffic.  There is loads of information online about paid vs. organic and which source is better so I’m not going to get into that.   Instead of getting lost in the weeds, I’m going to break down our simple strategy to help you evolve your online marketing strategy and save your company money over time.

It’s important to understand that both paid and organic traffic are an investment of both time and money.  If you want to grow your business, you’ll have to invest both to make it a success.  The only question is, what do you have more of to get started right now.

A Simple Local Marketing Traffic Strategy

What I’ve found is that if you compete against yourself, you’ll never lose.  What that also means is that if you’re not winning, then you’re the only one to blame.  Hah!  In all seriousness, this is what I mean.  I recommend starting with a well thought out paid ad campaign (with a small paid ad budget) to drive traffic.  It’s the quickest way to generate results and let’s be honest; that’s all that customers are interested in.  Once you have your paid ad campaign in place, performing and have scaled and optimized it, get to work on generating more organic traffic than paid traffic.  Remember to be mindful that not all traffic is the same, there is a difference between quantity and quality and you should always be focused on driving quality traffic to your website and funnels.

If you’re looking for software & tools to market your business in your local market I would recommend the PremiumPower Listing & Customer Review Automation software.  If you’re looking for support expanding into neighboring markets, schedule an appointment to discuss your strategy with a local marketing specialist.