(VIDEO) Marketing Strategy Call – How To Execute A Media Plan That Will Drive More Repairs?

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Local Marketing Hacks, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy Calls, SEO, Video Showcase


Media Planning & Execution
Customer Engagement Campaigns

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Marketing Strategy Call – How To Execute A Media Plan That Will Drive More Repairs?

Do you know how powerful a well-executed media plan is for your business? I’ve seen clients go from spending over $3,000 per month to zero dollars per month on their pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns without losing a step. 

The goal is results and the quickest way to drive results today is pay per click ad campaigns.  But we can’t mistake the beginning for the end.  The end goal should be to replace your pay per click ad campaign with organic traffic while being viewed at the expert in your local market for premium, high paying repairs from customers who care more about the quality of your work than the price of your repair. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, our weekly coaching calls are where the MAGIC happens. It’s where I get feedback from our customers and strategize about how to make our service better, week after week.  We continue to sell transformation, while our competition sells information, and we focus on results instead of sales—all the reasons why we can innovate and GROW alongside our clients. 

In this VIDEO, I discuss the following strategies with our clients: 

  1. Media Planning & Execution
  2. Customer Engagement Campaigns

To your success ~ JRz

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