Web Optimization

Blogging & Social Media

Razor Sharp Networks creates an environment that is search and sharable so that you can share you best ideas and attract new prospects and leads. (RSN)1 makes it easy to do and will train you on how to launch and execute your online media marketing strategy.
  • WordPress Blogging Software to building your company blog
  • Google Analytics to track the success of your content
  • Social media Monitoring to track mentions and hash tags
  • Social Media Syndication with scheduling and publishing
  • Content Creation to engage & attract customers to your website

Blogging – The fastest and easiest way to attract more prospects

Your blog is the best way to attract new prospects and the corner stone for developing an effective inbound marketing strategy. Business who blog regularly average 55% more visitors than those who don’t. With (RSN)1 you can:
  • Easily share articles, video and images
  • Easily create posts in HTML or visual editor
  • Get SEO tips and best practice advise
  • Syndicate your content easily on your social sites

Social Media – Track the ROI of social media marketing

(RSN)1 provides you company with answers to the tough questions: Does Facebook really work for business? How do I generate prospects on Twitter? The impact of social media has not been fully felt but until recently it has been a challenge to measure. With (RSN)1, you can start tracking the ROI of social media:
  • Track your growth on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Automate the prospecting process and generate new leads
  • Track how many leads are due to social media traffic
  • Learn from the best how to engage on social media -or-
  • User the (RSN)1 turn key soltion to accelerate your results

Content – Hire (RSN)1 writers for your blog content

Are you concerned that your content will suck? Don’t worry, be happy (RSN)1 makes it easy to generate quality content for your blog and press releases:
  • Content published directly to your WordPress site
  • Content built around targeted key words to attract the right prospects
  • Optimized content and structure to improve overall search ranking
  • Monthly content/media strategy call with your project manager
  • Weekly analytics reports to track progress