Empower employees by enabling their preferred applications and mobile devices.

RazoRSharp Networks simplifies device management with Windows Intune BYODSay “Yes” to BYOD Your workers reach for the technology that makes it easiest to get the job done, whether it’s a company-owned PC or their own smartphone. While you want to give employees more freedom, you also need to manage any device that has access to the corporate network. You can do both with Windows Intune. Now you can support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and a wide range of platforms including Windows RT, Windows 8, iOS, and Android.

Give them the apps they need Mobile workforce management is easier in the cloud. Deliver applications to devices and ensure that employees have access to the software they need while on the go. Help employees install applications from virtually anywhere with the Windows Intune Company Portal, an easy-to-use app catalog. Employees can quickly install apps from their mobile device, or use a web browser running on a PC.

Optimize software distribution Directly publish all software—whether licensed from a third party or developed internally—without using an external storefront. Target applications based on the user’s role. Deliver line of business applications designed for Windows PCs, Windows RT, iOS, or Android devices.

Mobile Device Management on Windows IntuneHelp keep their devices secure and compliant Make the Consumerization of IT (CoIT) trend work for you. Give employees access to the resources they need without compromising on corporate data protection and policy compliance. Enforce PIN set and encryption and enable remote wipe to help with the security of both corporate and employee-owned devices.

Integrate your onsite Active Directory Domain Service with Windows Azure Active Directory so that your user accounts and security groups can be used by Windows Intune.

For broad platform support, integrate Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync with Windows Intune to manage virtually any device brought into the workplace, from the most recent technology to older models of employee-owned smartphones and tablets.

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