It’s true, mobile technology is taking over. You may be experiencing this in your business and if not surely in your personal life. Mobile devices and tablets have ruled the consumer market for some time and since early 2011 they began taking over the business market as well.

What does this mean for your business? 1) Mobile devices give you more opportunities to engage customer than ever before. With the emergence of mobile technology it doesn’t matter if you are a small local business looking to improve local search results or a large corporation looking to develop the next killer app for your community, the opportunity to ENGAGE potential customers has never been greater. Mobile applications, mobile websites, and other mobile marketing technologies has opened new cost effect marketing channels for businesses of all sizes. how-mobile-technology-is-changeing-business 2) Smart Phones and Tablets have outsold PC’s since early 2011. That means your online content is going to be viewed on mobile devices. Is your website mobile optimized? If not you could be losing out on valuable engagement opportunities. Have you ever tried to navigate a website on your smartphone or tablet that is a traditional HTML site that doesn’t fit on your device? It can be cumbersome and hard to navigate. This can lead to a high bounce rate for mobile devices…which in the online marketing world means less engagement and fewer sales. 3) Online sales and engagement are on the rise. Mobile devices have increased the number and frequency of online transactions. For businesses this means that if you don’t have a online product or service offer you are mission out on valuable revenue for your business. Amazon broke the 60 billion (annual sales revenue in 2011) in sales which indicates a high comfort level with online consumer buying. I know what you are thinking…I can’t sell my product online. Not true, more and more companies are packaging and selling their intellectual property, expertise or resources online than ever before. Review the slide-share presentation below for more great insight into the dominance of mobile technology. This will give you some helpful information to help you plan or rework your existing mobile optimize business plans.
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