Biz Networking


Access Point, Controllers, Routers & Switch Setup & Configuration


Networking Solutions Include

Routers & Switches

Switches connect network components, allowing different devices to access one another. Effective routing and switching increase efficiency, saving businesses money and boosting productivity. Routers integrate services such as data, voice, video, and internet with wireless delivery and mobile access. An optimized routing and switching system is essential to any network upgrades or improvements.

Access Points & Controllers

Access points and controllers deliver fast, reliable WiFi performance, boost network efficiency, and support the growing mobile and IoT density demands on your network. Wireless access points provide WiFi access and can be deployed as controller-less or controller-managed. Controllers provide network optimization, IP services, and policy controls. Controllers simplify the integration of security and enterprise app platforms.


LAN/WAN network solutions are used to securely connect networks using voice, audio, and data devices. This combination of services simplifies and improves operations while ensuring your network is optimized to take full advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology. LAN/WAN network solutions can improve the performance of any network while reducing operational costs, enhancing security, and optimizing network appliances.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimization techniques can increase data-transfer efficiencies. This can significantly reduce remote office costs while increasing productivity. WAN optimization can improve bandwidth, reduce congestion, and stabilize service. For organizations that are growing, becoming increasingly reliant on remote or mobile devices, or want to improve the user experience for remote workers, WAN optimization can help. Techniques include deduplication, compression, caching, latency optimization, and traffic shaping.


Wireless networking solutions enable businesses to extend their workplace well beyond the physical borders of their offices. These capabilities enhance collaboration with employees and visitors, improve service delivery, improve productivity, empower organizations, and take advantage of the convenience provided by anytime, anywhere access. Mobile delivery requires a strong network infrastructure that supports increased use at the required speeds while providing security so users can safely access sensitive business information without worry.


Optical networking enables organizations to integrate audio, video, data, and storage functions, making it the perfect choice for mission-critical networks. Optical networking offers increased bandwidth, differentiated services, and real-time provisioning through network consolidation, IP optimization, and multi-service networking. An optical network solution is ideal for business continuity/disaster recovery services and high-availability storage networks.

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