Customer Review Automation

$147.00 / month

Automated review and referral software billed on a per location basis for as little as $147 per mo.

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Why Customer Review Automation?
We’ll help you cut through your competition. Our automated system will collect your customer reviews, verify them credible, and then publish the results to your prospective customers online. This will proactively build your online reputation and help build trust with new customers to increase revenue.

How It Works
Our system allows you to email blast surveys to your customers, add a personalized survey link to an automated email, tie into a current survey, or even ask your customers to review you in person on an App for iPhone/iPad & Android. Once collected, the reviews are verified and then automated to the search engines, to your social media spaces, to your company website, and your customers are pushed to a review site of your choice.

It’s Easy To Use
We will set up your review pages, help you set up the website feed, log in your social media feeds, and train your team to execute the system. Once you’re set up, the system manages itself and we will always be there to help.


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