Push Notification Subscription

$99.95 / month

Reach your customers even when they aren’t on your website.

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Talk to your users right on the browser. Real-time.

With Push Notifications, you don’t have to wait for your users to open their inbox to read a notification. It will be displayed right on their browser. Real-time.

Reach your users anywhere on the web.

Push alerts and notifications to different browsers and devices seamlessly. Engage your subscribers even when they are not present on your website.

Build an audience. Without a mobile app.

Push Notifications work on all devices. For all websites. You can build a mobile audience on your mobile website itself without investing resources in building a mobile app.

Get higher opt-in rates. Expand your marketing list.

With Push Notifications from PushCrew, you can expect to get an opt-in rate of up to 25% easily. Some of our early adopters even saw opt-in rates as high as 40%!

Get higher click-rates than emails. And more pageviews.

Since Push Notifications are short and direct, you can expect to get really high click-rates. On an average, the click-rate hovers between 20% and 25% (10x of email click-rate).

Send personalized pushes. Make more revenue.

Push Notifications are clickable. So you can send people directly to any URL on your website (or outside your domain) based on their interests or actions on your website.
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