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Step 1: Sign-Up/Send

Enter your customer email addresses, import them via an excel spreadsheet, or add your Personalized Survey Link to your company CRM to blast out your customized survey.
Example review form

Step 2: Collect

Once your survey has been completed, you’ll receive an email with full feedback showing the star rating, comment, etc., and your review will land on your RazoRSharp Reviews review page (see sample here). Then, if your scheduled/automated sharing is set up, the 4 and 5 star reviews will be automated to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

Example RazoRSharp Reviews Business Review Page

Step 3: Verify

RazoRSharp Reviews will then verify the customer reviews via email with your reference. Once verified, your customer reviews will be stamped with our approval, bringing 3rd party endorsed value to your customer reviewss.

Image of how a review is displayed on the page

Step 4: Promote

To promote your RazoRSharp Reviews Review page we provide widgets and links for you to place on your website, email signature(s), blog, and/or newsletters.

Image of how to promote your customer reviews on your website Image of how to promote your customer reviews via email

Step 5: Dominate

To further promote your brand your happy customers will be pushed to Yelp, Google+ Local, City Search or any review site of your choice, to easily copy their comment to build your reviews online. Your positive customer reviewss will also be scheduled & automated to the feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage your social media followers. Plus, your positive customer reviewss will be blasted to Google, Yahoo, and Bing to build your online reputation through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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