Sexy and Fun Facebook Optimization! Here is Saturday’s Facebook Post and Engagement Tips to help you ENGAGE and GROW your Facebook community! So if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur it’s probably a safe bet that you work a weekend here and there.  Most small businesses run on 60-80 hour work weeks until they gather the momentum necessary to hire employees and/or outsource their Social Media Optimization.  So if today is Saturday and we caught you in rare air working another weekend, here is a great post and engagement tip to help grow your Facebook community. RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Post TipSaturday’s Post Tip: Post a shareable image.  This is not meant to  be a high visibility call to action or publish your products, services or brand once again, this is to improve your edge ranking.  The more your content is shared or LIKED the higher your edge ranking is.  High edge rankings = more visibility.  If you want to increase the likelihood that your content will get seen next week take our advice, post an image that is fun or funny that people will share.  It will make next week just a little bit sweeter.     RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Engagement TipEngagement Tip: It’s time to put your week in review.  Go through your page incites and  see what posts had the highest engagements and which ones fell flat.  Today you can hide week posts or FAVORITE the posts that got the highest rankings for the week.  This is a great practice to help spotlight your posts successes and possible remove some of your not so brilliant post moments.    For more tips delivered to your inbox, ENTER your email below.  
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