Search Optimization

RazoRSharp Networks gives you everything you need to improve your search ranking and get found by prospects and quality leads.

  • Keywords
  • Inbound Links
  • On-Page SEO
Key Words– The first step to getting found online is to understand what terms people are typing in to find your products or services. (RSN)1 provides you with education on how to preform key word analysis and or turn key solutions to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Which keywords you rank for and track your rank over time
  • PPC & Organic campaign tracking with recommendations
  • Comparative rankings and data sourcing you need to target competitors key words
Inbound Links– One of the strongest factors for getting high ranks in search engines is the number of quality domains that are links to your website. Each link acts like a road sign pointing to your products and/or services online. When all signs point to you from quality sites – it is a good day! (RSN)1 helps you:
  • Understand the value of your inbound links
  • Track how you are doing over time
  • Identify new opportunities to attract inbound links
On-Page SEO– Every page on your website is an SEO opportunity to pull in prospects. (RSN)1 gives you detailed insight into proper content and structure to maximize your webpage ranking so that you can make measurable changes in as little as 20 minutes per day. With On-Page SEO education and services (RSN)1 help you:
  • Identify and fix SEO errors
  • See what keywords your page ranks for
  • Know what links are sending you traffic