Bonus Question: What’s more important, Video or Sound Quality? Leave your answer below in the comment section and be entered to win a FREE digital camera. Last week, we discussed directory listing to help drive website page ranking. This is a great strategy to get your business listed and increase website visibility. It can be time consuming so, if you can afford it, we recommend hiring an SEO firm to help with your directory listing strategy. This week, we are going to discuss link building, which is part of the directory listing strategy. Link building is divided up into two strategies, link exchange and backlinks, which we will we cover in the attached video and outline below. Link Exchange – A link exchange is when you put a link on your site and, in return, they put a backlink to your site on their website. There are a couple of important things to consider when you engage in a link exchange strategy. First, be conscious about the ratio between outbound and inbound links. If your outbound links outweigh your inbound links, this will negatively impact your page ranking, so it is only recommended that you engage in a link exchange program if you are also actively engaged in a back linking strategy at the same time to ensure that your inbound links outweigh your outbound links. Secondly (and more important), make sure that you are confident with your link exchange partners. If you are not familiar with the company you are engaging in a link exchange with, you run the risk that your link exchange partners are link farms. If this is the case, you could be banned from search engines, so we recommend that you only engage in this strategy with companies you know and trust. RazorSharp SEO - Link Building Blog PostSome SEO companies will tell you to avoid this strategy all together because it can negatively impact your SEO efforts. The key is not to avoid it, but to understand how to do it correctly so that you don’t make mistakes. We have outlined some strategies below to help you successfully implement an effective, safe link exchange program in your business. Backlinks – Backlinking is an excellent way to actively and organically build inbound links to your website, improving your overall page ranking. In addition to adding links to your website, some sites allow you to use HTML coding and anchor text with key words to build your key word page ranking. The idea behind backlinks is that they are part of the search engine page ranking algorithm, or that if your webpage has good, compelling content, people will link to it. That is how you organically build backlinks through content creation, which we will go over in a separate training. The more people that link to your webpage, the better the page ranking becomes and the higher your webpage will rank on the search results. A good way to actively build backlinks is to search for websites that give you the ability to make posts or list your company information. Some good sites to look for are directories,forums, blogs, and/or article directories. Action Items – Implementing a Successful Link Building Strategy Link Exchange – To successfully engage in a link exchange strategy, make a list of potential link exchange partners, vendors and contacts. Outline a short script which might sound like, “I noticed your website…Are you promoting your website online with link building? I have a section on my website reserved for company link exchanges. A link exchange helps increase our webpage ranking and lists each of our sites higher on Google and Bing search results. Would you be interested in exchanging links to our websites? (4C & RSN Customer) I will have my web admin give you a call to set it up.” Practice once or twice and begin engaging in link exchanges with companies you know and trust. Backlinking – To successfully engage in a backlinking strategy, you need to contract with a link building service like the one provided by 4C and RSN or, if you are going to do it yourself, then I recommend that you visit a site that can provide you with some backlink building tools to support your efforts. Backlinking is a daily activity, similar to social media updates, and you need to engage in it on a consistent basis for it to be effective. If this was helpful please leave your comments below…and remember to answer the BONUS question to qualify for our monthly drawing for a new HD Digital Camera!