Sexy and Fun Facebook Optimization! Here is Sunday’s Facebook Post and Engagement Tips to help you ENGAGE and GROW your Facebook community! First, we want to thank all the beautiful girls who helped us make our Facebook Content Calendar sexy and fun.  I am sure everyone will agree that these women are much easier to look at than another info-graphic or piece of Facebook clip art.  For some people today is the end of the week, for others it’s the beginning.  For us it’s our strategic planning day, we use Sunday to pre-plan our a Facebook Optimization plan-of-attack for the rest of the week and come up with some great ideas to put into action.   Before we get started, let’s take a moment to reflect over the past week with our FBO girls! Saturday Facebook Post Tip RazoRSarp Saturday Engagement Tip RazoRSharp Networks Facebook Post and Engagement Tip RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Engagement Tip RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Post Tip RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Engagement Tip RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Post Tip facebook-monday-post-tip facebook-monday-engagement-tip RazoRShrp Facebook Engagment Tips - Its Friday RazoRSharp Networks Facebook Post Tips - Its FridayRazoRSharp Networks Logo Sunday’s Post Tip:  Today we recommend that you utilize the “PIN” option to spotlight a post.  The ” ANCHOR PIN” option gives you the ability to pin a post to the top of your Facebook page for seven days at a time.  Pinning content to the top of your page will prevent it from getting buried by more recent updates.  Us the feature to highlight specific posts about remarkable content, calls-to-action, for your best marketing offers, or other events or promotions.  To update your anchor pin hover over a post, click the pencil icon in the top right corner, and choose “Pin to Top”! Engagement Tip: Spend some time today brainstorming and planning the types of events you can host on Facebook.  Some ideas include:  Launching a product, streaming a press conference live, hosting a panel webinar, throwing a Facebook online party, hosting a live chat on your wall with experts in your niche.  All great ideas that you can put together and host on your Facebook page to help ENGAGE and GROW your community.  (You will need an app to plugin for video, like or but live events on Facebook let you speak directly to your community and vice-versa.   For more tips delivered to your inbox, ENTER your email below.  
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