Sexy and Fun Facebook Optimization! Here is Thursday’s Facebook Post and Engagement Tips to help you ENGAGE and GROW your Facebook community! Great work so far!  You are almost there and if you have remained consistent and kept up with your posts and engagements you should start to see your hard work payoff.  Today we have some good and bad news for you.  The good news first, every month you get to start fresh with your Facebook marketing.  Don’t worry about last month, focus on this month and be consistent, focused and aligned with you messaging.  Once you become committed to your Facebook marketing success you will begin to see amazing results.  Now for the bad news, every month you get to start fresh with your Facebook marketing.  It doesn’t matter how well you did last month, this month your community expects and deserves the same level of commitment from your company page and brand.  Don’t make the mistake of letting off the gas as soon as you get a moderate level of success.  Remember…today, this week, this month…we get to start fresh! RazoRSharp Networks Facebook Post and Engagement TipThursday’s Post & Engagement Tip: Post an image on one of your customers Facebook Page with a call-to-action.  We like to refer to this as our gratitude post.  Make it fun, send some love and publish it to one of your community pages to help raise visibility.  If you don’t know what a call-to-action is, it’s a explicit suggestion contained in your post.  (i.e. click this, watch now, enroll here, check this out)  Calls-to-action instruct your community on how and what they can do to support your overall success!   Use an image to increase the visibility of the post.  For more tips delivered to your inbox, ENTER your email below.
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