Understanding how your message is found is as important as the message itself. If nobody hears your message, philosophy, products, services, advice or expertise, how effective are you going to be at communicating to the world?

You have your blog and social media in place or maybe you are still working on it.  Regardless, it is time to optimize your web traffic and start thinking about attracting the people and partners that are looking for you every single day. For our customers, we recommend search engine optimization, and understanding how it works is becoming even more important in our changing market place. 4C relies on industry experts like SEOMoz, who just published their 2011 Ranking Factors Guild; you can find their site here, which is the essential reference for business owners, managers, and SEO professionals to learn about the new, changing factors shaping our online world. The guide is quite extensive so we have picked out some key points for quick reference about the future of Search Engine Optimization.

The power of social media in your online presence should be of no surprise to most people.  This has been touted by industry experts like SEOMoz and covered by several blogs discussing the impact of social media on web page rankings. The correlation data shows that Facebook is by far the most frequently correlated with high-ranking pages. The pages with many Facebook comments, likes, and shares tend to rank better than ones that do not have this. What this tells you is that you need to make it easy for your visitors to share your content on social networks so that you can get the full benefit of social sharing for your website. Shares, Likes, and Tweets, are all very important to a modern linking profile.

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