Want to drive online visibility and optimize your website?

Having compelling content is important, especially when millions upon millions of new webpages are created every day. The question is how your personal content compares to others who are sharing the same information or more importantly how does your content separate you from your competition and attract more customers.

What research and experience has taught us is that how you structure your content can be as important to getting found as the content its self. What this means is that how you write is as important as what you write and how your rank in Search Engines evaluating your online content.

*Make sure you use a blog on your website to write about your industry. The content you write will get found and link to your website.

Understanding Link Authority: Link Authority in addition to all the factors that drive your website and webpage ranking, all the links back to your (compelling) content over the life of your webpage will drive site relevance, authority and help improve your webpage ranking online. Several years ago Google changed everything and began ranking websites according to importance. The more times a website linked to another site, the more important it became and the higher it ranked. Google encapsulated this formula by not only ranking your site but the sites that link to your site with page value between 0 and 10 and providing an overall page ranking based on their formula.

Inbound links are important to SEO because they are road signs to search engine web crawlers. Simply put the more inbound links that you have the more authority you get with search engines and the higher you rank with certain keywords that are identified in your content. With that being said not all links are created equal. If you remember our distinction about how Google ranks webpages with overall authority and webpage ranking given to an accumulative rank between your site and the sites that are linked to your site. For instance, if you have an inbound link from the NY Times which has a lot of inbound links it will carry more authority than say a link from my cousins Bob’s personal blog.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is the textual representation of your hyperlinks. For instance the anchor text in the Content Creation link is “Content Creation”. The link is http://4c-comm.com. Anchor text is important because search engines use it to determine what keywords are relevant to a page. For instance if you want to rank for the term “Content Creation” they you should try to get as many links as you can with “Content Creation” as the anchor text.

4C Business Cloud Internet technologies, SEO & Content Creation is fast becoming a valuable asset for businesses to leverage and implement into their environment. Understanding how content creation can improve your visibility online and implementing businesses processes to manage and scale your business can give you the advantage over a business that does not understand, implement or leverage these technologies. For more information on the 4C Business Cloud and or to stay up to date on the Internet and Cloud technologies subscribe to the 4C BizTek Talk blog and or RSS Feed. If you enjoyed this post please leave your comments below.