(VIDEO) How To Find The Hidden Growth In Your Local PDR or Auto Hail Repair Business?

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Local Marketing Hacks, Local SEO, Video Showcase


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How To Find The Hidden Growth In Your Local PDR or Auto Hail Repair Business?

Do you own a local business, or are you in the PDR or Auto Hail Repair industry targeting a specific geographical area and wondering why your business is not growing month to month?  One of my mentors once told me that building a business is similar to filling up a bucket of water when the bucket is full of bullet holes. 

If your bucket is shot through with bullet holes, it doesn’t matter how much water you add to it will never fill up. You’ll continue to add water, and it will continue to run out the holes in the bucket.  Sure, you can increase the flow of water to raise the waterline, but you’ll always have challenges filling up the bucket.  Eventually, you’ll even have times when the flow of water will slow, and the water flowing out of the bucket will flow faster than you can fill it.

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced a slow down is sales and felt the impact to your bottom line and, more importantly, to your family.    

This is an excellent analogy for business.  As you might have guessed, the bucket represents your business, and the water represents your growth.  The holes, well, they represent the holes in your business.  You see, if your PDR or Auto Hail Repair business has a lot of whole in it, then you’ll only be able to raise the water line so far in your market.  Then when the flow of leads and sales slow, your business shrinks.  If you want to build a strong business, you need to plug the holes.  The more holes you fill the faster your business will grow.  So if you are tired of grinding without growth, then listen up.

In this video, I talk about the holes I see in the PDR and Auto Hail Repair game.  And give you some tactical information to help you fill them.  My goal is to serve you at the highest level possible, so I’m giving away everything I know about growing a business that is both stable and has longevity for you and your family.   

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