(VIDEO) PDR & Auto Hail Repair Owner Media Planning

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Local Marketing Hacks, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy Calls, Video Showcase


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PDR & Auto Hail Repair Owner Media Planning, Build A-Team & Execute Your Media Plan Better Than The Competition

Content marketing is a powerful way to drive marketing costs down while attracting more premium repairs from customers who care more about the quality of your work than the price of your repair. 

If you’re in the Paintless Dent or Auto Hail Repair industry, a good media plan requires the ability to organize & execute a content strategy, while publishing daily.  For most owners, this can seem like a daunting part of the business.  Not knowing what to distribute, or how to publish can make creating and executing a media plan seem impossible. I’ll give you a little tip!  Continuing to follow the crow and posting repair videos won’t differentiate your company in your local market.  So what do you do? 

That’s simple, get a plan, build a team, and execute better than the competition.     

In this VIDEO, I discuss our content marketing strategy for PDR & Auto Hail Repair Companies and discuss: 

  1. How to get our proven media plan
  2. The importance of media planning
  3. The three pillars of a media plan
  4. Customer repair media checklist
  5. Customer review script

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