Sexy and Fun Facebook Optimization! Here is Wednesday Facebook Post and Engagement Tips to help you ENGAGE and GROW your Facebook community! Welcome to hump day, you are half way through the week, and by now you should start to see your engagements on Facebook start to grow.  Today we are going off topic.  Believe it or not most people don’t come to Facebook to buy products and or services or to talk about your company.  Just like most people don’t sit down in front of the telly…in search of the next miracle pill.  But companies make millions putting their products in front of people at the right time and ENGAGING consumers where they are.  Off topic or non-industry related posts can help with your engagements and improve your edge ranking.  (Note: higher edge ranking = more visibility) RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Post TipWednesday’s Post Tip:  Ask an “easy to answer question” on your company Facebook page…this could be any questions, non-industry specific.  Make sure that it is easy to answer so you can increase your community engagement.  Be an “interaction” or an “invitation” to engage.  This will improve your edge ranking and increase the visibility of future posts.  RazoRSharp Facebook Optimization Engagement TipEngagement Tip: Spotlight your “Fan of the Week” (highlight a Fan or Fan Page that has contributed to the conversation) You can use a Facebook App such as Fan of the Week for Pages or Booshaka.  Make sure that you recognize the fan with @FanName so you will publish the recognition to the fans timeline.  This is a great way to recognize your community and more importantly the individuals in your community that are engaging most frequently.  For more tips delivered to your inbox, ENTER your email below.
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