Wordpress is simply the best
There are a lot of reasons why WordPress is a better option than traditional HTML sites.  However the best reason is that WordPress sites are meant to make you money, while HTML sites are meant to cost your company money. 

As with any business decision, having clarity is the key to formulating the right strategy.   Furthermore having the right tools will separate you from your competition and give you an unfair advantage over companies who stick with traditional HTML websites.

Let’s discuss why you should be considering a WordPress site over your existing HTML site:

65,000,000 websites run WP – It’s true, more and more people are moving to WordPress and currently over 65 million customers utilizing this framework to publish their web content.
Automated Backup – When is the last time you crashed and recovered your website?  Most people would say never, because it rarely happens…the recovery part I mean.  Even though this is a “Best Practice” it is not always done right.  Most companies don’t know the impact till after the disaster.  I can’t remember when the last time a customer ask me when and where his site was backup…but they should!
Apps on Demand through WordPress – I’m an app driven girl, living in a app driven world.  It’s fantastic!!   WordPress gives users access to millions of applications that you can download through the admin panel and install with a few simple clicks.  When was the last time your HTML site did that for you? 
Content Management System (CMS) – Years ago, web developers charged business owners lots of money to build website content management system.  In fact, some still do which is really amazing.  Just ask yourself how much your CMS system costs you per year, then remember that WordPress is FREE!
Search Engine Optimization – WordPress handles the majority of your on-page & off-page search engine optimization.  So if you are paying your web company to handle your SEO…remember that WordPress handles about 75% of it.  There is still a lot of special tweaks that SEO companies can provide that you would have no clue about, however if you want to improve webpage ranking and search placement the easiest and least expensive way to do it…convert your HTML site to WordPress!
Marketing Automation – This is where WordPress really shines.  It provides business with the ability to syndicate their content via RSS and Social Media sites easily.  It also provides companies with the ability to build lists, archive content and share more freely than traditional HTML sites.
Business Agility – We saved the best for last.  Business Agility above everything else is the reason that you should convert your HTML site to WordPress.  Business is transforming at an alarming rate and if your website is not permitting you to update, communicate, connect and grow your business then it is not serving you.  “Everything and everyone in your business should sell, if it doesn’t then it is treasonous to your business!”  If you website is not selling for you, it might be time to take it to the courtyard and execute some corporal punishment.

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