Why Facebook Matters for Marketing

There are very few guarantees in life, death & taxes are two of them, but what we know is that Facebook is not just an afterthought, it is a necessity. With over 1 Billion Users & 552 million daily active users one thing that we can all be certain of is that your customers or future customers are on Facebook and they are being marketed to. This Facebook Marketing effort is either being performed by you…or by your more savvy competition. Figuring out how to engage your customers on Facebook can mean the difference between a good or great year for your business.

The attached info graphic hold insight into Facebook and why it matters for marketing, however most people have not realized the magnitude of Facebook and the value it provides in your online and offline marketing strategy. This article will try to quantify the Facebook opportunity for you as a marketer or business owner looking to engagement more customers and grow you business.

Tweetable – “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?”

How big is the opportunity?
1 out of every 4 hours on the internet, are spent on Facebook. Let us try to relate this to another outlet that you may have heard of…Television. When television first emerged, there were small companies formed that were born out of the technology. Companies like ABC, NBC & Turner realized the opportunity of generating value content to engage viewers and advertising to millions of potential customers. This grew these companies very quickly and today they are household names.

This outlet became price prohibitive for most small companies; advertising during premium hours could cost millions of dollars per minute. But with the birth of the internet and the emergence of social media companies now had an opportunity to access a FREE medium with a larger global reach than television. That makes Facebook a big opportunity for companies and marketers who understand how to leverage this community to promote their companies products, services and brand.

What Facebook mean for online marketers? Facebook has changed the way that online marketing is done…social bookmarking is utilized by online marketers to raise visibility of webpages and improve overall search placement. Search engines are using social media to help rank webpages and to further the online engagement for consumers. Because of the size of Facebook, it has become the most searched term on the internet dominating 2 in every 3 searches online.

The reality is that Facebook has become such a powerful tool for both online and offline marketers that if you plan on effectively marketing your business in the future, Facebook should be the corner stones of your marketing plan.

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